Advice needed please.

Hello, I used the compare option on the site to compare 2 food different brands, one was K9 Optimum from Jollys and the other was Europa 80/20, I am a little confused how they work the total protein % out, even though the Europa seems to have the higher % of meat, it is the K9 Optimum that has the higher overall protein %, Europa 80/20 is 34.8% Protein and the k9 Optimum is 40.2% Protein. I’m confused, can someone explain this to me. Thanks

Hello and welcome to the forum. I have had a look for the products you mention in the Dog Food Directory and found these:

Europa Grain Free Protein 34.8% dry matter
Europa Grain Free Potato Free Protein 34.8% dry matter
K9 Optimum Grain Free Protein 26% dry matter

I cannot find the 40.2% protein K9 Optimum. I wonder if I have missed it or perhaps it is a new product?

Regarding the protein and meat content I can only comment generally, not on the specifics of the foods you mention:

  • There are other ingredients in the recipe that add to the total protein. This is explained here.
  • The type of meat can also affect the protein content. For instance, if the ingredient list states fresh chicken, the overall protein will usually be lower because the meat or poultry contains water. Meat meal, as you probably already know is concentrated. A useful example of this can be seen in the Edgar and Cooper products.

You could perhaps contact the individual companies for further advice about their products. If you do so, I would be interested to hear what they say so please could you let us know?