Alabama Rot

Alabama Rot (Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy) has been in the headlines again recently. For more information of this serious disease.


Thank you for raising this important topic. There is another article here about Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV) that might be of interest to members. Unfortunately it doesn’t take us much further in efforts to prevent our dogs from being infected. On the subject of how it can be avoided, they say:

“As we don’t know the exact cause, avoidance is difficult. However, thorough washing of your dog’s coat after walking in woodland (especially if muddy… like everywhere this year!) is a sensible precaution that should reduce the risk. In addition, it is likely that certain places pose a higher risk than others; if there has been a case in your area, it is probably wise to avoid areas where the affected dog(s) were walked in the days before they were diagnosed. It’s also really important to check your dogs over regularly – not just for sores or ulcers, but also for cuts, ticks, mats of hair or other injuries.”

Having discussed the matter on another forum, one of our members who lives in the country has started to wash her dogs’ legs and feet after walking. She uses dilute Hibiscrub. It is a simple thing to do and perhaps may be a good thing to do after walking in woodland or muddy areas.

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Laura Holm of Anderson Moores Vet Specialists gave a talk on Alabama Rot on 22nd April 2016 at the Bransgore Pet Event.
Here is a report of this talk.

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A very scary condition for pet owners. My dog tends to get very red inflamed paws between July and September. I am starting to suspect one of the causes of alabama rot which was ruled out according to this article. (Giant Hogweed) I hope that a cause of alabama rot, is discovered soon.

Thank you for raising this important topic

Specialist fish vet Fiona Macdonald is researching whether Aeromonas hydrophila might be involved in Alabama Rot.


Sadly ten more cases of CRGV (Alabama Rot) have been confirmed.

Sadly, I have the feeling that the official number is just the tip of the iceberg. We have had a confirmed case at our vets. They seem to be popping up everywhere. :cry:

Very scary situation, specially now, everywhere is so very muddy!!

If only they would find out what causes it! Keep washing, as I cant avoid muddy fields/woods! I do tend to walk in the same places, even more so now, as more places keep popping up :frowning:

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Sadly another ten cases of Alabama Rot have been confirmed.

Four cases of suspected Alabama Rot.

RVC makes breakthrough in treatment of Alabama rot.


Evidence for amphibian CRGV link gathers pace.

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Six new cases of Alabama Rot confirmed.

More Alabama Rot cases confirmed.

Sad to see the cause still remains a bit of a mystery.

I was hoping that by now that common patterns might have been linked…I looked at the maps& wondered if it
might be linked to wild ponies…new forest certainly seems to have had a few cases.

Three more British dogs die from deadly scourge.

Two new cases of Alabama Rot.

I recently read that there seems to be a link to harvest mites as affected dogs are often found to have some. However my thoughts are that dogs with harvest mites are probably more likely to have broken skin from scratching or licking which would increase the risk of infection entering the blood stream. Who knows. it is a worry. I always wash feet when we come back from a walk and also add a little hibiscrub.

Nine new cases of Alabama Rot confirmed.