Best Kibble for Shar Peis

Hello All,

I have a blue Shar Pei, ‘Zeus’ who is nearly 6 months old. I have been feeding on Eden Holistic Dog Food for the past 4 months. It has came to my attention that the Crude Protein levels in Eden are from 41% to 46%.

If my information regarding Eden is incorrect please put me right as I looking at an alternative food for Zeus a dry kibble food.

I am looking for a food that has a protein level of 17% to 22% with very little to non cereal, maize, wheat or gluten.

If anyone can help or advise me or correct my wrong reading and understanding of Eden’s food please dont hesitate to put me right.

Many Thanks

Hello and welcome to the forum. Eden is a quality product. If you check out the review on the Dog Food Directory of this website - see here you will see that it has five out of five stars. Dogs need protein, particularly when they are young and growing. You would be making a mistake if you changed the food to the level that you describe. I don’t understand why you would want to reduce your six month old puppy to a food that contains such a low amount of protein. Please could you explain? If a dog is doing well on it’s current food then it is best to leave them on it, particularly when the product is a reputable, quality one.

I have removed the comment about the ‘advice’ that you were given in respect of a particular dog food. For any comments or complaints about the content or quality of particular products it is advisable to contact the company itself or The Pet Food Manufacturers Association. Is it the same person who has advised you to change to a low protein food? It’s best to be careful when seeking advice on your dog’s care. It is good that you have sought further advice on the matter of your dog’s feeding - well done.

Eden is indeed 41% protein in line with what feeding raw would be, in fact raw is generally closer to 60% once the moisture content is removed, but with moisture is only about 8%.

Becuase you feed lower amounts of Eden you will actually be feeding only slightly more grammes per day of protein than you would a with a low protein food that has its of fillers.

I’m not sure why it has been suggested to use a low protein percentage food, as you can see above that I itself is misleading, but there is no information that supports the theory that low protein has any benefits. There were some studies done on rats with kidney problems that suggested low protein may be beneficial, but more recent studies have shown this to be incorrect, (and dogs aren’t rats and digest food very differently)

We are happy to discuss your concerns in detail.

As Dottie mentions, most puppy(and senior) foods also have a higher protein content.

Have you have any problems with Zeus whilst on Eden?

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The only problem I have had is that 2 weeks ago Zeus’ fur on his neck has become patchy/bald. Been to vets twice regarding it and food allergy was mentioned as a possibility. He has been on isaderm cream twice a day and malaseb washes every other day. There is no redness and the itch has gone. Skin scrape was taken a no mites found.

Yes Eden I would like to discuss the matter with you and if directly is better for you as a company I appreciate that.

@Dottie I appreciate your help here but you deleted my main concern about the food? If I broke some form of forum rule I apologise.


There is no need to apologise. This is an independent forum and the issue that you mentioned is not one that we can help you with. It could be injurious to an innocent company. It is improper to have a spurious allegation made (with no information about who is making it), aired on a public forum like this one. There are proper mechanisms in place for dealing with this kind of thing, and as I explained in my previous post, it should be taken up with the company itself and if not satisfied, with the PFMA. I very much hope that your discussion with Eden is productive and helpful.

I think I already spoke to you via Facebook about this Stephen? If food allergy is a concern, then maybe it’s worth trying a different recipe, or having allergy tests carried out to confirm which ingredient(s) are the problem.

The fact it has now cleared up and as for as the redness and itching suggests to me it’s not the food, or the problem would persist? Maybe I’m mistaken in that, but your vet should be able to advise further. Environmental triggers should also be looked into, and again further tests may be required.

If you would like to phone the office 9-5 Mon to Fri, I’m sure the team would be only too happy to go into things further, but it’s not going to be easy without a specific diagnosis to suggest what may be the better option, and that only leaves trial and error

Thank you for contacting us again directly on Facebook to discuss the matters, including what was deleted, pleased we were able to answer your questions and that you are happy to continue using Eden for Zeus and also your new Shar-Pei.

Any more questions at all, just get in touch and we will answer them for you.

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No problem at all, at the end of the day my dogs come first they get fed the best food I can afford to buy them. I will be continuing with Eden following my direct discussion with the Eden team member on Facebook.

Thank you also Dottie for your contribution in relation to my concerns regarding this food!

Many thanks