Burns or Eden

I recently changed my miniature dachshund from feeding Burns weight control over to Eden Catch of the day, we had some problems with colitis and I decided after doing some research I thought Eden would be a better food for him however he seems to be putting on weight, I checked with Eden and we are feeding the correct amount am now thinking we might be better with Burns. Anyone got any advice?

If it was me I’d stick with Eden for a while rather than changing back. You could always monitor your dogs weight and see how it goes. I weigh myself in kg then jump on with the dog to accurately weigh him.

I’ve changed foods a lot and I think sometimes I’ve done more harm than good but that’s just my opinion

Hello - welcome to the forum. The comparison between Burns Weight Control and Eden is here. They are two very different products. Burns is low fat/protein and high carbohydrate. Eden is much higher in fat/protein with low carbohydrate.

Weigh the food: How much Eden are you giving your dog each day? If you are not already doing this, use a small digital scale in 1g divisions. This should ensure that your dog is getting exactly the same (and right) amount each day. Do not give anything else except his food.

Activity: How old is your dog? Is he active? If not, try and increase his activity a little (if appropriate).

Weight Control Food: Possibly there are dogs that are maintained on weight control products but AFAIK it is advised to move onto a normal adult variety once the dog has reached the desired weight so you did the right thing in sourcing something else and Eden is a good product. However, because your dog has a tendency to gain weight, the protein and fat content could be on the high side for him.

As you have already contacted Eden about this, you have a few choices:

  • Reduce the amount of Eden still further - give 10% less. If the dog is still gaining weight after one week, reduce by a further 10%. Continue with this until the right quantity is being given for maintenance. Be aware that the quantity needed might be quite small and a fair bit less than the recommended daily allowance. If you stay in touch with Eden, they will probably continue to support you with this.
  • Return to Burns Weight Control until your dog has lost the desired amount of weight then change to one of their adult versions.
  • Choose another product altogether - the Dog Food Directory is useful for this. A more moderate fat level would be circa 12%.

Please keep us updated on your decision and progress.

As Dottie has said, weigh the food, it’s easy to give more than intended when using a scoop for example, and there can be slight density variations between batches.

If a dog is gaining weight then reduce the daily portion by 10% and check progress after 2 weeks, adjusting again if required.

Also increase exercise a little, even 5 more minutes on a1hour walk will help

Feed guides are only a starting point and it’s often necessary to tweak a little, up or down, to account for neutering, individual activity levels etc.

Please keep in touch, via Facebook, email or phone and we will work with you to get things on track