Butternut Box - 75% of first order

If anyone would like to give the lovely Butternut Box food a try then I am able to supply a discount code which will enable this. I am a BB customer and by introducing new customers I am also able to get a discount on my next order. Hence why I started this thread.

the code is butternutbox.com/Charlie28

hi Guys,

I am still using Butternut Box for my lovely 14 yo Cocker spaniel and he is doing better than i had ever hoped on it. It is a bit more expensive than I can afford but his overall health means it’s worth it for me. That said if anyone wants to try BB then using the code below will give you 75% off your first order (with no committment to further purchases) and will also mean I gert a discount on my next order, so good all round!

here is the code again