Can food affect urine output?


I have a five month old male frenchie.
Happy and healthy in all aspects, but he does pee a lot!!
It can be as much as 4-5 times per hour, so we don’t sleep through the night as we get up 2-3 times per night. He doesn’t drink excessively. He’s fed on Royal Canin puppy.
Thanks in advance xx

Hello and welcome to the forum, I have ever had a puppy or a male so can’t really say. Could he be marking and not emptying his bladder each time. I noticed that my dog goes a lot more when she has cold pressed food and not her usual raw dinner, She also drinks a lot more so that explains why. It might be worth asking your vet for advice on this issue.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Having looked on the Dog Food Directory I can’t find a review of Royal Canin Puppy. However, there are plenty of reviews for other RC products so it might be helpful for you to check them out. The nearest I can find is Medium Junior.

As Tinyplanets has said, it may be marking behaviour. However, as you are concerned I would advise you to obtain a sample of urine and ask the vet to test it for infection. I use a clean foil pie dish for this then pour the urine into a small clean container such as a tablet bottle. Alternatively you could ask the receptionist for a sterile container.

Royal Canin is dry food that contains cereal. This is likely to make the dog thirsty and it could be a contributory factor. As Meg has said, lowering the amount and substituting a good quality wet food as a topper might help, as would soaking the food in water before serving.

I think it can be a scent marking thing. My mum has a Chihuahua dog (9 months now) and before he was neutered he was marking all the time (little tiny piddles, here there and everywhere!). Difficult because she was trying to toilet train him.
Since having him neutered it has stopped. I’ve only ever had bitches and it’s not been something that they do - or at least I don’t think so.

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