Canagan Opinions or Alternatives Plz!

Hello all thanks for reading my first post and loving the site already.

I’m picking my Newfoundland up in 5 weeks and I want to make sure I start as I mean to go on.

I’ve been looking at foods and there are lots but I’m leaning towards Canagan large breed dry food.
He will have wet food but only as and when…

I’m going for Canagan as his main food as I can buy from online and at pets corner so I have access at all times and it scores, 4.7 on reviews and says is very great for dogs.

So you maybe wonder what I’m ask you here for by now and that’s your opinion on the food and with your dogs and what you would recommend to go with Canagan as his secondary food just in case he does not like or to stop he from getting bored.

Thanks for reading Chris
(we’ve named him Zues and in the first pic he is 2 weeks and the second pic he is 3 weeks old)

Hello and welcome to the forum. Gosh, Zeus is one bundle of cuteness. You are going to have lots of fun with him, as well as a lot of hair to brush! LOL
Well done for doing your research and finding a good product to feed your dog right from the off. Make sure that you transition him carefully from the food that the breeder gives you when you fetch puppy home. If it takes a week or so that’s OK but best to avoid any tummy upsets, especially as he will have a lot to cope with right at the beginning. Get into the habit of weighing the food, at least until you are sure of the correct amount. Some people do top up with a bit of wet food to increase palatability but there is no need - it is personal choice. Don’t forget that it is alright to soak the kibble and this is thought to help digestion. Hopefully everything will go smoothly when your new companion comes to live with you.

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Hello and welcome to the forum, Zeus is adorable. I suppose you will be very much guided by him when he arrives. I sometimes feed a meal of cold pressed food or a home cooked meal {if appropriate for dogs} instead of my dogs usual food. However she seems to tolerate most food. She also never leaves any food. Some dogs can get fussy if they think a different food may be offered.
Exciting times ahead.