Deerhound Greyhound cross called Fred

We often find that Eden Catch of the day (single protein source of Fish only) is a good starting point for dogs with suspected chicken intolerances. being grain free you also rule out wheat, maize, rice, etc.

As with any food change a gradual swap is recommended to minimise teh risk of tummy upsets, but you have those already, so a faster switch may be in order. To help with that I would recommend making a grain free bland diet to try and settle things down then gradually introduce the grain free food to that.

We suggest cooking chicken or, especially in your case, white fish (boneless), butternut squash (fibre to absorb moisture), sweet potato (some carbs) carrots and peas together and mash or puree. Feed a little of this mix instead of regular meals for a couple of days (not too much) thengradually increase food and decrease the mix over several days. (you will get bright orange stools, this is normal)

as already said, be careful not to overfeed, especially on a higher meat contect food as excess tends to just be eliminated as diarrhoea, better a little under to start with and increase slightly if required

Eden catch of the day is one i am looking at. The high protein content worries me though. It is very different from anything he has had before which have all been around the 20 % mark.

Is there anything to think about before trying this?

I’m in agreement with David Green here, in that if you want to stick with a dry food then a cereal free, fish based kibble would be a good bet - fish is easily digested by most dogs, and the Eden he mentions does sound very suitable. The idea of switching to a bland home cooked diet for a short while first to help him settle sounds good to me too.

I don’t think that’s anything to be concerned about at all.

it is vastly different in ingredients and composition to anything he has had before. Maybe thats what he needs. I thought the high protein might have the opposite effect and make his stool looser

It certainly would do that if you feed too much of it, and the amount he needs could be less than the feeding guidelines (I would suggest starting him on a low amount, say 80% of guideline amounts, and keeping an eye on his condition then adjusting accordingly), but as long as he’s not being overfed that shouldn’t be an issue.

Alternatively, if you feel happier with a slightly lower protein level, you could look at Acana Regionals in the Pacifica variety - this is also exclusively fish proteins and is also grain free, but lower in protein at 33%.

High protein % is not a problem, due to the lower feeding amount. For example

20% protein at 100g per day is 20g protein

40% protein at 50g per day is 20g protein

Raw with 8% protein, once water is removed becomes 50+% protein.

The percentages on their own don’t always tell the full story.

The gradual introduction from the mash mix will minimise the risk of soft stools, and you can always ask for help and advice if you need it

So… We had loads of canin left over so i switched him back onto that and instantly all is back to normal. Its good as i think this must show for sure that it is rice and grain that he can’t deal with. And also cow ears and raw hide. So beef, chicken, rice and grains are out.

My plan now is to continue with the canin for a few weeks to let his system settle and put a little weight back on (he lost about 1/2 a kg) and then try a new food without beef, rice or grain.

I do have a question about what i can leave him with as a chew as a raw hide / cow ear replacement. Are fish skins as tough?

Thanks for all the responses by the way. It really is much appreciated.

It must be a relief to get him back to normal. Although it has been a difficult time for both of you, at least you have now moved forward and identified exactly which ingredients your dog is unable to tolerate. As you say, best to stick with the RC for now and let him settle down before trying something different. At least you now have lots of different products to consider when the time comes to make the change to something better. As for the treats, the only ones I give my lot are Fish4Dogs sea jerky ones. This is because it is low calorie and very crunchy so I hope it is helping to keep their teeth clean. I have recently given them some low calorie Dried Rabbit Snacks from Zooplus because I was a penny short of the minimum order of £15. They are crunchy but in much smaller pieces than the fish skins. They made a nice change for them.

That sounds a good plan to me, and I’m glad you have him back on an even keel.

The fish skins are crunchy and, as Dottie says, great for helping keep teeth clean, but are not a long lasting chew like hides & ears. It is possible to get non beef alternatives though - My Itchy Dog do venison and lamb ears and venison hide chews, all of which he’d probably be fine with - I believe venison is usually considered a good bet for dogs with intolerances. See :

I hope you don’t mind me adding my suggestion, but I’ve been feeding my greyhound, who has a sensitive digestion, Millies Wolfheart Gundog Mix for about a month, and I’m really pleased with the results. I have updated my thread about how Alfie is doing on it. It contains no cereals/grains or chicken, as Alfie has problems with many of these.

They were very helpful when I asked for advice on which product to choose, and seem to be very knowledgeable. They advised me to try one of their 50/50 mixes as apparently these are more suitable for dogs who struggle to keep weight on, as Alfie does, being higher in carbs (from potato and sweet potato) than their other ranges. They said greyhounds have a fast metabolism so they need more carbs than some other breeds. I picked the Gundog Mix because it’s based on trout, lamb and white fish, which I was pretty sure that Alfie wouldn’t be sensitive to, and I thought it sounded tasty. He really loves it. They said that once he has gained weight, I could try one of the 60/40 mixes. The 60/40 Riverside Mix gets a very good rating on here (4.8/5), and works out as one of the most economical in their range. It’s based on duck and trout, which I think most dogs should be OK with.

The food I used in the past which is quite a lot cheaper than Millies, but does contain grains, was Skinners Field and Trial Salmon and Rice. He liked that too, and did well on it, but I decided I wanted to feed a grain free food, and one that is also higher in meat/fish protein. Of the cheaper foods I’ve fed, I think that was the best one for his digestion as the carbs are the ones that tend to cause less problems for sensitive dogs (rice and oats). From what you say, Fred would probably be better on a grain free food though, such as Millies.

I hope you find something that suits Fred, as I know how difficult and frustrating it can be to find the right food for your dog. I’ve had four greyhounds, and Aflie has been the most difficult one to find a suitable food for. I hope that I’ve finally found the answer in Millies.

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just ordered some now

He is on 1/4 wolf heart gun dog mix and 3/4 canin and all seems fine :slight_smile: he also has some lamb scalps which he loves. Really happy to have sorted this all out. Thanks to everyone that has commented on this thread.

That is good news. In view of the fact that he is better on food with no rice, it makes me wonder if your dog is intolerant of it. Anyway, do you plan to move over to MWH fully or will you stick with your current regime? Thank you for updating us. You never know when threads are helpful to others.

He is defo intolerant to rice. He also has trouble with cow and pig ears and raw hide.

I think (but not totally confirmed) that he also has trouble with all grains, turkey and chicken.

Currently he is on wolfheart gundog mix as his main meals. Treats are lamb scalps, venison chews, fish skins and when we go out he has a kong stuffed with wainwrights grain free wet food lamb and veg.

When practicing recall on a walk he gets natures menu sausage lamb or beef.

Haven’t had any issues for over a month. He’s been castrated now too. He is turning into a little star - always comes back and is more interested in us than other dogs when we are out on a walk which is a relief as he was getting obsessed with other dogs and trying to play with dogs that were just too small for him to play with - he is about 32 inches at the withers.

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Thank you for the update. You have made excellent progress with the identification of your dog’s intolerances and with his training - well done. Regarding the rawhide etc. IMHO it is not worth bothering with them. I recently read about the manufacture of these sort of treats and it put me off although tbh I haven’t used them for years anyway. Sea jerky is all my lot get now, apart from their Kong filled with softened Gentle and frozen. Your idea of using Wainwright’s grain free wet for the Kong sounds ideal. I treated mine to some of that a few weeks ago but the lamb version made two of them sick (highly unusual for my lot). It’s probably a bit high in fat for them.

If he likes the chewiness of rawhide, a good alternative is baked sweet potato. You can cut the potatoes about a third of an inch thick and bake for 3 hours on 120 c or 250 f. We have an excess at the moment due to picking up a bargain pack so I am going to give it a go.

yes he has some dried sweet potato chews as well… and dried papaya. doesn’t last long though lol.