Feeding a Pregnant Bitch

I wonder whether anyone can help regards feeding a Pregnant bitch. I am currently on Eden Dry and intend to use Grace Dry foods for the puppies both of which are 90%+ in nutritional rating. I am very happy feeding Eden or Grace to my girls and I have fed Eden for years but have been advised by the vet to move my bitch onto a puppy food. When I queried this they said Royal Canin Starter has had all the science behind it and its not just about nutrition rated 42%. I am new to breeding and am extremely confused as to why I am being advised to put my bitch on a puppy food which on the face of it is substandard to what I am feeding already. Thank you

Hello and welcome to the forum. Traditionally, the main difference between puppy and adult foods is the protein content. Usually puppy food is circa 30%, adult food lower. Nowadays there are lots of higher quality foods such as Eden which have higher protein levels/meat content so can be used for all ages. Pregnant bitches need all the good quality protein that they can get - pregnancy takes a huge toll on them, especially with large litters. My advice would be to continue with the food that your bitch is used to. She will need more towards the end of the gestation period. Speak to Eden advisors for further help/information.

When the puppies are born the bitch will need plenty of good quality food for lactation. Variety is good so such things as scrambled eggs, cooked, pureed vegetables, fish, chicken etc will be useful. A friend of mine gives her lactating bitches goats milk for the extra calcium.