Fishmongers finest puppy trays

My 8 month old shih tzu is currently on forth glade grain free duck and sweet potatoe trays.
Possibly has grain allergy as had an allergic reaction a few months ago with severe itching, the vet gave her steroids for a week. It’s much better now. She does occasionally scratch and lick her bits though.
She seems to have gone off the forth glade and is only eating around 1/3 to 1/2 a tray a day with a lot of encouragement. She also seems to belch on these occasionally.
So what are the thoughts on fishmongers finest puppy trays? They have few ingredients and I thought they may be good for her to try :slight_smile:

Hi Joanne, I have had no experience feeding these but they do have a small list of ingredients so less possible allergens.

It is possible that your dog may be allergic to something in the environment. I have to give steroids for a couple of months in the year due to very red itchy paws. It follows a pattern so it seems more likely to be something we come across on walks at this time. I feed a varied diet and don’t have problems for most of the year.

If you have a look at this thread you will find some more advice and links which may help get to the bottom of and control the itching. I am planning to take some measures when I usually have flare ups and see if I can reduce the need for steroids this summer.

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