Food for a large breed dog

Hi, I am new to this site, so hello!
I have a 2 year old Doberman, we re homed him about 5 months ago from someone who couldn’t look after him anymore! I was wondering what anyone else finds as the best large breed food, I want him to have the best. He’s on James Wellbeloved at present, but been reading about Orijen and AATU. Any advice? Many thanks!

Also, how do you start a new post? Being a bit dumb!
Thanks !

Hi Django1 and welcome,
If you click forum home then click onto the section you want to start your new post in, above the topics there are four boxes. The first on the left says new topic. Click that and you are good to go. I have split the topic for you now.

Congratulations on giving your doberman a home. Hopefully somebody with more experience with larger breeds than me, will be able to share their feeding experiences with you.

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Hi Django

I’m have 3 large breed dogs - 1 Rottie GSD X (10yrs) and 2 GSD is (2yrs & 16mths). I have fed a variety of foods over the years. I have found the following really good …Markus Muhle and Lukullus both cold pressed cold. I decided to go grain free and tried Acana Regionals and Orijen both of which were great. I am feeding Eden for the last month which seems to be close to Orijen in composition. All dogs are happy on this and is more budget friendly for me as my dog food bill is hefty☺
My advice would be to research and arm yourself with the facts- some cheaper (and indeed NOT cheap) dog foods are rubbish! But you probably already know that as you are here

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Oops sorry missing some of my post!

If you do decide to change …do it over a couple of weeks and give it time for doggy to settle.
Love Dobe’s! Best of luck.

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Thanks guys!
He is the love of our lives and couldn’t do without him now!
Thanks for the advice!
Lisa and django!