Frenchy Food Recommendations

I’m currently feeding Maggie dry Green Pantry Chicken & Pumpkin, she eats it and I bought it from using the comparison tool.

Maggie suffers from skin allergies and receives a cytopoint injection every few months whilst using Malaseb shampoo. I want to get to a point where I no longer need to use vet prescribed products as I’m aware of the risks.

Any recommendations?

I am not familiar with this food so have looked it up. The AADS review is here and the website is here.

We have a thread about dermatitis here. Have a read through and see if there is anything that may be helpful.

Finding the cause of skin problems can be difficult. I understand that it is not uncommon in this breed so it may be genetic. The food that you are giving has a good nutritional score but there are ingredients in it that your dog might not be able to tolerate. The only way to find out if there are any intolerances is to stop dry food altogether and start an elimination diet using fresh cooked food. This needn’t be expensive but will require time and effort. First stop is to consult a qualified canine nutritionist who will be able to give you balanced recipes and the appropriate additives. They will also guide you through the process.

This sounds like a lot of work but may well pay dividends and if successful, could reduce your veterinary bills. Even if you don’t want to commit to an elimination diet, giving fresh food might effect some change.

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