Hello from Gill and Luca and Pippin

Hi everyone, I have a German Shepherd called Luca and a Jack Russel called Pippin. I have been considering changing from commercial kibble for some time, but when Luca recently broke a leg, which ended up being amputated four weeks ago, I decided he not only needed good nutrition but a feed without additives to try and reduce his anxious behaviour (which was the cause of his original accident), and the need to keep weight down now he has three legs . Pippin has always been a scratcher and licker, so hope it will help any possible irritation. I have been feeding Natures Menu Raw (but gently cooked to be on the safe side following his surgery) and Lupo Natural Swiss Chicken. I like the ethics of both companies and the dogs love their new food but I will keep researching and reading the comments on this site as it is only the beginning our our ‘natural’ journey.

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Welcome along Gill, Luca and Pippin, it’s great to have you here! And great work with the diet change - they are two very good foods and I’m sure your two will both really feel the benefit.

Hello Gill. What a trying time you have had with your GSD. Poor Luca - I hope that things will improve for him and that he manages OK on three legs. It is interesting to read of your ‘natural journey’ especially as it is a similar one to mine, having just started my lot on a raw food diet. I am using Nutriment and give it straight from the refrigerator. It will be nice to hear how you get on with this. :slight_smile: