help - Yorkshires Terrier best dry food

good morning, I need your opinion. I have a Yorkshire terrier (Xavier), aged 12 months and 5 kg. He is eating ACANA small breeds, does not contain grains (93% rating) Now the veterinarian says that the Yorkshire terrier is a small breed and needs to eat feed with grains and cereals and recommended the Royal Canin Brand (26% rating). It doesn’t seem right

Hello VeraNoguiera. You are feeding a good quality food which has a higher nutritional rating than the one your vet suggested. If your pup is doing well on it’s current food there is absolutely no need to change.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I would completely agree with Dottie. If Xavier is doing well why change, especially to a food with poor ingredients. Personally, I do like to add a small amount of carbs to my dogs raw meat but I usually just add a little of what we are having for variety. I add things like sweet potato, brown rice, oats, buckwheat and quinoa.