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Hi everyone. I am the proud mammy to Poppy an almost 6 year old terrier of some kind and an almost 1 year old lurcher called Freddie. I’ve never had any problems feeding poppy since we rescued her 5 years ago, she eats whatever you give albeit a bit slowly! Freddie always gobbles up his food but recently he has developed some dandruff and so i’m guessing its to do with his kibble. We’ve always just used kibble from the supermarket but the Asda one made Freddies poops a bit runny and the current kibble from Lidl seems to have given him dandruff.

I know I need to upgrade the kibble but having had a quick look on here it seems the good stuff is really expensive. I have dabbled with home cooking- should I carry on with that or try and find a good kibble? (obviously the latter is easier and less time consuming).

Anyway, i’m off to explore the site some more!

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Home cooking does take lots of thought and a good knowledge of what nutrients a dog needs. It can get complicated to get the right balance. I wouldn’t discourage it but you would have to be prepared to do some research.
You can use the dog food directory to find some suitable foods. As well as kibble, it lists wet foods and raw complete food. You can also filter the search by processing method. This thread tells you how to search based on your dogs and your budget. When you get sent to the dog food directory, you can add any further requirements by using the filters on the left of the page. This should give you plenty of options to consider.

I hope this helps. You should be able to find some foods in your budget with a good rating.


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Difficult to answer the question without knowing

(i) What products you would regard as a “good kibble”

(Ii) How much you are prepared to &/or able to daily spend.

(Iii) What your home cooked diet consists of.

Without wishing take your question too literally…there isn’t a turning point where a kibble is classified as “good”

This site should, however, open your eyes beyond supermarket value choices & hopefully give you some better options within a specified budget.

If I was after a better kibble than Asda Hero & on a tight budget then I would seriously look at Autarky or Skinners products as at an acceptable quality & price start point. That said, even these are roughly 2 or 3 times respectively more costly than Asda Hero…a product which I personally would never feed. I prior considered feeding autarky salmon & have fed Skinners F&T Duck & Salmon varieties. It would pain me to buy lesser quality cheaper foods but do see paragraph below…

…If budget was truly tight I would maybe consider CSJ Hi Lost formally branded “That’ll Do” £12.60 for a 15kg sack. Not saying it’s the best kibble by any means but probably better than the kibbles you have been feeding. Factor in postage at £6.85 for 30kg and it works out at £16.02 equivalent for a 15kg sack delivered if you buy two at a time. CSJ champ comes in at £11.50 per 15kg so £14.92 per sack if you get two at a time… I would usually be reluctant to recommend a food I have not fed, however, a local show competing Great Dane breeder told me he happily feeds the Champ without issues, (known to him). I think you will struggle to source better or equivalent food for the same money but do bear in mind that as quality goes up the daily feed weight can go down, ( the maths isn’t as simple as calculating pence per kg). Be mindful of that on both these CSJ products “meal” is listed as the main protein ingredient. The percentage breakdowns are also not clear.

Whatever you decide, I strongly urge you to look beyond supermarket shelves if looking for a more acceptable dog kibble. Prices can vary between online suppliers & independent stockists so do shop around once you have selected potential replacement foods. Don’t forget to consider postage or travel costs to collect.

You can spend more & in doing so arguably buy better, however, you could also spend more on products that are arguably inferior to my carefully cost factored suggestions.

I currently feed raw complete products. I only felt need to mention this as I do not currently feed any of the products I have suggested you may wish to consider with others.

Bear in mind that what might look ideal on paper or screen might not suit your dog. If switching do consider a meaningful trial period giving consideration to appropriate introduction & adjustment until best feed amount ideally ascertained.

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What a lovely photo of your dogs!

There is an excellent article found elsewhere on the allaboutdogfood website called the “Dog Feeding Guide” which encompasses the various ways of feeding our dogs. This may be of interest to you as there is a guide to the different ways that kibble is processed, together with explanations of dog food labelling and dog food nutrients. Plus guidance regarding feeding dogs of different ages.

Here is the link to the article:

allaboutdogfood Dog Feeding Guide

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