my frenchie girls

hi im new to this forum and would love some advice , my 2 frenchie girls are 16 months old now and since we got them at 14 weeks we have had them on tails dry and wet food but recently they have both been being sick(bile) after eating and my dogue de Bordeaux is the same if she pinches theirs
iv now cancelled tails but was gonna put them on royal canin frenchie but now have been told this just as bad !
im stuck as to what to give them that won’t make them stink more than usual
can anyone advise me

Hello and welcome to the forum. I understand that Tails use different products so without knowing the type that your dogs had it is not possible to say which ingredient/s were problematic.

The first rule when looking for a suitable food is to look at the ingredient list - it should be crystal clear so you know exactly what you are giving your dog. Secondly, but just as important the meat source should appear at the top of the list and be named. If you see the word ‘derivatives’ in the list, it is not a good sign. All this (and more) is explained and discussed in this thread.

We can help to source a better product for your dog using the Dog Food Directory. However, to use the filters we need more information. For instance, type - dry/wet/raw/fresh, budget, preference for buying - online/pet shop/supermarket.

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