Natural Food Company causing odd runny bottom need 20% protein but good food!

Hi I wondered if anyone has had a runny bottom on Fish option of The Natural Dog Food Company? I’ve been trying it for just over a week now and everytime I get up to 40% new food Jack gets a bit of a runny bottom and seems to feel off colour. He was on Trusty for years from the rescue but was fine on it. He then had JWB turkey and seemed OK on that but retches a bit after eating and is very hungry. So I wanted to feed a dry with higher rating and the natural dog food company sounded ideal. Help!

Hi Jacksmum, Sometimes loose stools can indicate that the food intake is too high. How much are you feeding in relation to the recommended daily amounts?

I have had a look at the food and it isn’t high protein which can sometimes cause a problem initially. If Jacks digestive system settles when the food is stopped or less is given, then I would try something else. If you really want to change from his current food, it may be a long process of trial and error. It is hard to advise without knowing what may be causing the problem. The list of ingredients isn’t too long and not dissimilar to James wellbeloved. It may be worth trying a different variety.

If budget is a consideration, Markus Muhle, is very reasonably priced. You may need to order this on-line if there is not a retailer nearby who stocks it. This is a denser food so it is easy to overfeed. I would reccommend weighing it out. It is not grainfree but if your dog was okay on Trusty that shouldn’t be an issue. For the review see here I fed this for a while and had no problems. The only trouble is, I don’t think it comes in smaller 2kg bags but you could try getting a sample;

Others may be able to suggest some suitable foods to trial.

The ingredient list/analysis for your product is as follows:
Fresh Scottish Salmon (min 24%), Whole Brown rice (min 24%), Whole Oats, Dried Scottish Salmon (min 13%), Mixed Vegetables & Herbs (min 9.25%), Whole Barley, Linseed, Refined Chicken Oil, Brewers Yeast, Sugar Beet, Seaweed
Typical Analysis: Protein 20%, Oil 8.5%, Fibre 3%, Ash 5%.

As has been said, it has low protein and fat. Looking at the list of ingredients leads me to wonder if your dog cannot cope with the oats that it contains. If so, then it may be best to look for something that is either grain free or does not contain oats. Of those options, I would probably go for grain free. However, you will struggle to find a grain free product with protein and fat as low as that. Is there any reason why you need a product with these levels?

So detail!