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Hi Im new to this site and pretty much green when to comes to dogs. We have just become owners of a lovely 7 month old cocker spaniel who although has been well loved within the house by its previous owners - it hasn’t been out much and so has issues with dogs and people . We are dealing with these issues step by step and Max is making progress already . The main problem at the moment is his stools. They are consistently soft and he does huge poos 4 or 5 times a day . It makes the clean up job very unpleasant :o. I am currently feeding him twice a day with Waggs chicken and veg complete as that is what his previous owners did .
Any ideas or advice would be marvellous as we really want to do the best by him .

Hello and welcome to the forum Mammacon,
My first thoughts are that maybe he is having more food than he needs. It is hard to say because that might be a normal amount for him but it does sound like a lot. There are probably some digestive issues going on as well if the stools are hard to clean up. It has been discussed on this forum, that recommended daily amounts can be on the high side.
Do you feed him according to the guidelines on the packet?
It may be worth looking at some foods that have only a few ingredients and see what happens to his stools. Sometimes people try grain free as a starting points when trying to firm up the stools. Again you would have to be careful not to overdo the amounts as you often need to feed less of foods without so many fillers. You could perhaps try one of the foods with brown rice as this grain tends to be less associated with digestive issues. You can use the filter on the home page to add requirements you have for your food and see what comes up. I am afraid it will be very much trial and error as every dog is different. This thread explains how to use the search filter.
Hope this helps.

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Thank you . I will do just that .

Hello and welcome to the forum. As well as the link that tinyplanets has given you, there is one here about what to look for in dog food recipes. If you could change him on to a product that has a higher rating on this website you should see a big improvement. You will probably have to go to a pet food store to purchase.

If you do use the filters, try setting the star rating at something like three to five and you will get better quality products. At this age you don’t necessarily have to use the junior varieties as long as the food that you choose is a good one. Don’t forget to change food gradually once you have found a suitable one. Please let us know if you require further help and of course we would like to know how you get on.


Thank you Dottie . Im taking it all in and will of course let you know how we get on

It can be confusing, so I’ve done a quick check using the following filters. I hope that it is helpful.

  • Type of food - dry complete.
  • Food properties - natural and clearly labelled. You could add hypoallergenic if you wish.
  • Rating - 3.0 to 5.0 stars.
  • Avoid ingredients - all red.

After clicking ‘Go’ there are nine pages which is quite a lot. I therefore tried it with the rating turned up to 3.5 - 5.0 stars and that returns seven pages. If you click ‘Buy’ it will take you to shops in your area who sell that product. Please post back if you get stuck. Your pup should do very well once he is on a good quality dog food.

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