Poppy's Picnic

Poppy’s Picnic is BPA free :slight_smile: and it’s stated in the FAQ under the heading of ethics and policies:

“And finally, all the plastic we use is BPA free because we don’t want any chemicals leaching into our meals.”

The link is here : https://poppyspicnic.co.uk/faq/


Poppys scores 5 on here & currently 14 comments about from various contributors


I confess I had never heard of this brand before.

Apologies to Seaweed for going off topic…thanks for the Paleo camel link

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Poppy’s Picnic have introduced Beef and Bone “Complete Meatballs”. I don’t think these are on their website at the moment.

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Poppy’s Picnic Complete Meatballs are now on their website. Beef, £2.60, 360g, Chicken £2.20, 360g and Lamb £2.85, 360g. Unfortunately the ingredients for the Beef and Lamb are incorrect as the composition says 70% Chicken. http://poppyspicnic.co.uk/raw/

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Poppy’s Picnic have now corrected the ingredients for the Beef Complete Meatballs and Lamb Complete Meatballs.


Poppy’s Picnic have recently added an "Enhanced range " available in three varieties Chicken & Bone, Beef & Bone and Lamb & Bone, the added ingredients include (amongst others), Camomile & Milk Thistle for improved digestion, Echinacea & Turmeric to boost immunity and Celery & Hemp seeds for joint care .


Yes thank you Seaweed, and I wonder if anyone may have been puzzled (as was I) when the new range appeared…has anyone noticed that the enhanced range is described as complete, for dogs, and is called “enhanced”.

Given the original range (that I’ve happily fed in the past) was already complete; and is now currently described as " for working dogs".

Confusion aside, as both ranges are looking good!

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Poppy’s Picnic will be on Dragons Den this Sunday. https://medium.com/@poppyspicnic/shhhhhhhh-2ecee19ffcc5


Holistic vet Nick Thompson answering questions for Poppy’s Picnic at Crufts.

Poppy’s Picnic, RAWgust, Exclusive.

Poppy’s Picnic on James Martin Saturday Morning, this Saturday.

I caught this by accident today. I liked the variety of snacks they had out. The dogs seemed to enjoy the food. I was interested to see the meatballs being served in a tomato sauce. I had thought that dogs couldn’t eat tomatoes but it seems that they are safe if ripe and stems and leaves are avoided.