Temperature to cook tinned food

My dog has 2 very similar brands of tinned food (just for variety). The latest addition, Fresco, claims to be gently steam cooked in the tins. (Their raw is rated here, but not the tinned). Even though there’s very little starch, I’m still curious about the temperatures involved, as I’m wary of high heats. What I find very strange is that this information, is, apparently, a trade secret & cannot be divulged in case competitors copy Fresco! In every other aspect, they’ve been helpful, so I let it go without making an issue about the lack of transparency. So, if anyone has an idea of the likely temperature involved to “gently” steam cook, low starch tinned food I’d be grateful to hear.

I can’t help you with this one Gemma. They say they can’t divulge the information but as you say, the statement does lack transparency.

Thanks for replying, Dottie. I like to know as much as possible about everything she has, but I’m not overly concerned, as I guess it’s at a significantly lower temperature than extruded.

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