The War on Wheat

I have recently been given an article ‘The War on Wheat’ which appears in the March/April 2015 edition of the American Kennel Club ‘Family Dog’ publication, digital edition. It can be found here and is on page 14.

I’ve been thinking for a while now that the grain free sentiment may be a bit over done, although I feel that it is all about proportion. Too much of any one thing is probably not so useful. There is a lot in the article with which I agree, based on experience. I thought it was worth sharing and hope that members find it useful or at least thought provoking.

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I thought that was a very interesting article Dottie and addresses some issues that I think are overlooked when people talk about basing the diet of domestic dogs on that of wolves. Having said which think many dogs and humans may do better for not having too much refined wheat in their diet same with refined sugars.

Something that does sometimes make me wonder about how much people understand about what they are feeding and why is the number of people who say they only feed grain-free and give their dog a Bonio at bed time