What is logic of reducing number of meals as the puppy ages?

Are one or two feeds better than three in a 1yo dog?


Personally I wouldn’t reduce to one feed. I know that when I first got my dog, she was bringing up foamy vomit around five o’clock. I am pretty sure it was due to an empty stomach so I started giving her a small biscuit around four an hour or so before her evening meal and it all stopped. She was having a meal in the morning as well. She does fine on two meals and a small snack.

I’m not entirely sure of the logic of one feed. There’s still some that believe dogs eat like wolves and lots of old habits come from that. Sure wild animals would feast and fast but I don’t believe it would have been a full fast since a hungry animal will scavenge and wolves habitually scavenge grasses and berries…

I also feed my dog 3 times a day plus little treats, she tends to suffer with regurgitation of large meals and also GERD if she goes too long without food.

i have gone back to 3 meals for my 6 year old, as he is thin and he finds it hard to put weight on, he can not have 2 larger meals as he has a deep chest and is prone to bloat. So 3 meals it is. I always think that 1 meal a day must be very hard for a dog my dog with 3 meals a day is still looking for food.

I understand that current thinking is that dogs need two meals per day, not one. This is particularly important in dogs who are deep chested and prone to bloat. The stomach is highly acidic and giving two meals should help to prevent biliousness. Personally, I have fed three smaller meals per day for many years plus a biscuit at bedtime because I feel it is better for their digestion. Also, my dogs are quite greedy so it helps sate appetite. When kibble is soaked in slightly acidic water you can see how much it expands and I would imagine the stomach becomes distended for a while if a big meal is given all at once. It takes a while to be digested. Also, dry food makes the dog quite thirsty.

Thank you all for replies, there seems no logic to one meals, stay with three per day for my cockapoo.

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