What is your *special* time, or favourite part of the day with your dogs??

I’ve been having a meander into the topic of living with ‘man’s best friend’ and pondering (as you do 8)) on how lucky we are to have been blessed with the acceptance and companionship of dogs that accompany us throughout and on our life’s journey…

This set me to conclude that there must surely be certain times of the day, which are simply, and for whatever reason, those rather more special times, perhaps even the favourite time spent with our dogs. (Or perhaps there are simply too many special times to count! :wink: )

It’s so rewarding to be part of such happy gratitude as can be shown by dogs whenever we reappear in their world. For this reason the hands-down winner for me is that first time of each day, when, no matter the circumstances, there is a truly wonderful, loving greeting as though I’ve been away for ages!!

Does anyone have a favourite or special time of day with their dog?