What to feed my 11 month old springer spaniel


I have an 11 month old English springer. He has been fed on Skinners puppy - completely ok with this, because of his age he has moved onto their junior range… this is causing alot of poo! some formed and some well its diarrhoea. I have done alot of research and i would like to change him onto wet/raw foods.

Any advice on what to give? I have been looking at Forthglade and Nutriment

I have had labradors for years and never had any feeding/diet issues…


Hello and welcome to the forum. Both Forthglade and Nutriment are good products and should result in smaller, firmer poos. Forthglade would be easier as there is no thawing needed and you won’t need freezer space. Also, it is on sale in pet shops and supermarkets. Cost wise, it might be more expensive though so do your sums first. Raw is usually fed at between 2% to 3% of the dog’s body weight.


Hello and welcome to the forum. My dog does very well on Nutriment and I can confirm that the stool output is quite small and stools are firm. As Dottie says, you do need lots of freezer space for the frozen raw complete foods. You also have to be aware of any potential risks and how to reduce them. There are other similar raw completes to choose from such as Poppy’s picnic, natural instinct etc.

I also used to feed naturediet which is similar to forthglade in terms of ingredients. Again stools were good and not large. However I stopped feeding this when they changed the cooking method and started cooking it in the plastic trays. (Nature diet not forthglade, as far as I know) The availability of forthglade in the supermarkets, certainly makes it convenient to buy.

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I have had lots of problems with my red setter who is now nearly 3 and has a sensitive tummy and not putting on any weight, , and did not really want to go down the route of raw, but as all of the other foods that were on the market were not doing him any good, I have moved him on to raw and I am very pleased that I did. His poo’s are very small and firm and he looks so much better than he did , he has put on weight and is happier in him self.
He has luna and me patties which are so easy to give, just take out what you need and defrost. The advice is also very good with Luna and me.
I hope that you can find a food that suits your dog :slight_smile:


Hello RCortazzi and welcome to the forum!

Some great advice already.

Another reason for his tummy being ‘upset’ might simply be to due to the differences between the Skinners puppy and the Skinners junior. For example, within the brand all the puppy foods do not have wheat, nor wheat gluten, and yet whole wheat (wheat including wheat gluten) is added into their Life Junior range and their Field & Trial Junior range except one specifically hypoallergenic variety namely Field & Trial Junior Duck & Rice.

As you may know wheat is one of the more common ingredients that cause signs of intolerance shown in dogs, for example diarrhoea, and for this reason I’d advise it may be prudent to avoid wheat and wheat gluten in any foods you change him on to.

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