All about cat food.

Lots of people have asked about cat food. A lot of the top rated dog food manufacturers also have a cat food range. Eden (dry) and Nutriment (raw) both supply for cats.
Hope this helps. I use both of these Foods and would recommend both.
Otherwise just research the dog foods spec. and see if a cat food is also available. Check the cat food label before buying though!

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Gosh, I’d more or less forgotten about this section. I only ever had one cat and that was about forty or fifty years ago! I suppose that I used to give him Whiskas or something similar. TBH I don’t know anything about cat nutrition, other than that they are carnivores and need meat. :-[

My parents had a cat. He died when I was ten but he ate horse meat and other raw meat (cheap cuts from the butcher) chicken and fish. He lived to about sixteen years old.

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I was at the GCCF Supreme cat show yesterday and there is a lot of interest among the cat owners and in particular breeders towards either raw feeding, or switching to the higher protein grain free foods. The Eden stall was inundated all day and they even ran out of samples of their 85/15/0 cat food

It would be so good if cat foods could be added to the reviews, or a new sub-site was set up as the same issues exist with cat food as they do with dog food, only more so since cats are obligate carnivores, they need to eat meat to survive.


I’ve always been under the impression that dry food is a no-no for cats because it causes kidney issues, especially because cats don’t have the best drinking habits.

Saying that I’d imagine Pure could do a great cat range in the future.

Mine’s just on wainwrights wet foods at the moment and he seems happy enough, a lot of wet foods by the high protein companies aren’t suitable as a complete diet.

I did have him on Forthglade but his stools were horrendous.