Alison Daniel from My Pet Nutritionist talking all things allergy.


That’s a really interesting and useful find Seaweed - thank you for posting. The speakers are Alison Daniels and Samantha Swift.

At the beginning of the video Alison states that by far the most common allergens are environmental, only a small proportion being due to food. She also talks of the difference between allergy and intolerance. Testing is said not to be always helpful. The role of genetics is discussed.

Diet - Alison says not to give dry food to dogs showing symptoms of allergy and goes on to say why - high carbohydrate and immune response. She goes on to give general advice about diet even if the dog doesn’t have food allergy. This is important to improve the general health and immune system of the dog. She feels that in some cases cooked food is preferable to raw.

The discussion highlights how complex these problems are.

My Pet Nutritionist

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Once I heard about low sodium food for dogs with allergies. I recommend reading this article

While there was a suspicion of allergy, I’ve bought an air purifier for my dog(you may check this list ) as our vet suggested. I’m not sure what helped us finally, but now he is completely healthy dog without any allergic reactions.

Bella and Duke, 5 Big Wins For Itchy Skin in Dogs with Alison Daniel.

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