Best food for my mini poodle

Hi all,

I’m having a bit of trouble with what food to choose for my mini poodle. He’s 3 years old, quite a lot of energy and sometimes suffers with itchy skin. He also has extremely bad breath (vet said it’s common in poodles?).

He started off on science plan puppy from the vets until he was about a year old, no skin problems. then he wouldn’t eat it so we switched to evolution. This is when the skin problems started. We were advised by friends that chappy was good for itchy skin so he tried that for a few months, soon realised it wasn’t much good for him.

We then switched to Canagans but for the past few months he’s become food obcessed, as if we don’t feed him enough. To the point where he will try to steal off plates and crys as soon as we begin to cook our own meals. But he’s having more than recommended and staying a stable weight. Skins a bit better but not much.

Would like to keep the cost down where possible. Oh, and he won’t eat raw foods as we’ve tried nutriment but didn’t touch it at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately finding a food to suit individual dogs is often lots of trial and error. It does sound like your dog is reacting to something in his food as he was doing all right before the change.
I had a look at evolution and it does have a mixture of protein sources making it difficult to identify what may be causing a problem. Canagan has less ingredients and is grain free but again it has multiple protein sources. You could have some allergy testing for your dog which can be expensive or try a food with few ingredients and a single source of protein. Initially it may be helpful to look for a new protein source then introduce something that was in the foods that he was eating when he was itchy. That way if the itching starts again you will know what is responsible and can cut it from his diet. You can then try introducing other things one at at time to see what happens. Some examples of single protein foods are Acana and forthglade Others may be able to suggest different foods that may be useful. Good luck.