Caring my dog (safety and security)

Hi, we moved to a new place last month. I have a doggy, shadow, who is like our family member. Last day we went for a walk with him. One of our neighbors saw him and said that the area is not safe for dogs and added that last month his friend’s dog was stolen from the same place. I don’t know what to do and is scared for my dog. I searched online for some tips and found an article which found to be helpful. [ ]. It reminds us of adding pet sensors and mobile apps through which we can be assured of our pet’s safety. Since I haven’t used such things before, I would like to get suggestions on them. Are there any other ways through which we can make sure that our dog is secured?

Could you talk to your local police officer about this? If true, they should have a record of stolen dogs. Here are some ideas to avert theft of your dog:

  • Have the dog microchipped and keep an identification tag on him. If he is an uncommon breed, it might help to have the name of this on the tag (the breed type, not the name of the dog). Some people do not know dog breeds so it could help if the dog is lost.
  • Make sure that your garden is safe and secure. It might help to have two gates, both with locks.
  • Try to keep the dog out of sight of passers by. Depending on your circumstances, a high, solid wood gate will prevent him from being seen.
  • When out walking, keep him on a lead if his recall is not totally reliable.
  • Take regular photographs of him and make a note of any identifying features.
  • Have a look at the Dog Lost website - there is advice on there re keeping your dog safe.
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