Cavapoo - Dry food suggestions

Hello, I’m new to allaboutdogfood, so forgive me if i’m posting in the wrong place.

I have a very brief and quick question. Can anyone recommend a good, healthy, free from nasty ingredients dog food for a cavapoo aged 18 months and weighs 5kg.

She’s my mothers dog and is currently fed Eukanuba Active adult small breed dried food - to which she really doesn’t like, she hardly eats it, only seems to eat when she’s really hungry.

Some people have suggested the following but i am clueless and looking for advice from those in the know.

Recommended: Scrumbles, Akela, and harringtons as brands to look at. What do you think?

Kind regards,


Hello and a huge welcome to you!

Here is where you will get help certainly. And to find suggestions on dog foods appropriate for your mother’s dog you’d visit the Allaboutdogfood Dog Food directory on this website, which is here:

Then there is a variety of options which can be used to filter further to narrow down the food suggestions.

All of the suggested foods are rated and reasons are explained for the ratings with marks given out of 100.

Using the information you’ve given you’d want to opt for the “Dog’s age” as 18 months, “Dog’s weight” as 5kg. For “Dog’s breed” you can opt for the breed if it is in the list or you can opt for the expected adult size of the dog ie the usually expected overall adult weight.

You mention ‘free from nasties’ and you have an option of “Avoid ingredients” which gives you the choice of which ones to avoid.

Using the option “Processing” you can also decide if you would want a list of dried food, wet food, raw food or fresh food.

Please do come back if anything is unclear as we would be happy to help you further with finding a food for your mother’s dog.