Consultant Canine Performance Nutritionist

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jess, founder of EcoEnto, a startup brand producing insect-based, raw-dehydrated dog food and I am looking for a consultant canine performance nutritionist to work alongside to help ensure my products formula is well balanced and nutritionally complete.

Is this you specialty or can you recommend someone or a company? If so I would love to speak with you further about what it is my business needs to move forward.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Many Thanks,

Hello and welcome to the forum. This sounds like an interesting project. I am unable to help you but I hope that your thread is seen by someone who can. Good luck with the enterprise.

I’d guess I’m rather late to the table… if so then please do not read on and no offence will be taken as I realise your post is from a while ago Jess…

It was several years back when researching for the dietary use of particularly limited food ingredients, yet at the same time to feed an absolutely nutritionally correct diet for a large hound, both to satiate him and to not cause him further doggy health distress - and of course this was somewhat prior to this brilliantly helpful allaboutdogfood site being available :wink: - that I happened upon a rather helpful nutritionist based in USA.

Please use caution whomever you choose and I wish you every success with your food.