Dog Microbiome Researcher - AMA!

Hi everyone!

Nice to meet you all. Emmanuel here - human microbiome researcher turned pet microbiome researcher.

Based on my own experiences with my dog Charlie’s incessant allergies, I took my learnings from the human space and have applied them to help raise the standard of care for our pets.

I just wanted to share my learnings with everyone here! :slightly_smiling_face:

Please feel free to ping me in the comments or via PM - would love to answer any questions you may have about pet health and how I can help.

Hi all - have you tried a gut microbiome test for your dogs? There is most likely an imbalance of bacteria that is causing irritation in your dogs gut resulting in diarrhea/soft stools. This can usually be rectified through tailored diet changes - for example including more fibre and probiotics as well tweaking their overall macronutrients

I’ve been doing a lot of this research in humans and have taken my learnings over to dogs! We’ve just launched a service here in the UK that provides at-home poop tests for this kind of issue (checkout Treat Therapeutics).

Has your dog been put on any antibiotics recently?

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Hi Martha!

If you’re sure its not Giardia or some other infection, it might be useful to test your dog’s microbiome and see if there are any issues with their bacterial population that is causing this. You can usually do these poop tests at home and they will give you a comprehensive analysis of what’s going on in your dog as well as how you can make actionable changes.

Its important to get this checked out as early as possible as early gut health relates closely to longer term health and longevity in our dogs!

Source: I’m a microbiome researcher & have my own dog-gut microbiome company - it’s called Treat Therapeutics if you want to check us out :slight_smile:

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