Eden to cold pressed food coincides with vomiting bile early morning.

Anyone else experienced this?
Blood tests done + X-ray & scan completed. All clear. Reverted to Eden food but still vomiting on / off early morning only. Have tried feeding 1/2 dinner just before bed. Still it continues. Now on omeprazole and Vet has prescribed Purina HA to settle dogs system. Then re introducing foods one at a time to ascertain what has caused upset.
Advice ? Others experience.
Have tried corresponding with the “cold pressed “company - not much use, no offer of refund or analysis yet!

In the past I fed cold pressed food but didn’t have the issue you describe. This type of food is digested more quickly than extruded kibble so the stomach will be empty more quickly, giving rise to the vomiting.

Some years later (and not feeding cp now) I have the exact same problem with one of my dogs. It’s called bilious vomiting syndrome and is very common in older dogs. I’ve tried various ways of tackling it (including slippery elm and kefir) with some success but not 100% reliable. My dogs have fresh cooked food and recently I have done the same as you ie given a large meal at night and less food in the day. So far it seems to have worked but I do get up early to give her some breakfast. I have roughly calculated that my dog cannot go without food for more than about 6/7 hours.

I am wondering if it would be worth trying fresh cooked food. My dogs have had this for some time and have done extremely well on it. With fresh cooked food you could try an elimination diet if you wish.

More information here from The Canine Nutritionist - Bilious Vomiting Syndrome. If you wish to try a fresh cooked diet Gerald Pepin will be able to assist. He also has the correct additives. Home cooked food needs added calcium and omega oils.