Female dog fatigue age 5

looking for some nutritional advice for our 5yr working bred golden retriever. Our bitch who is normally very active has become lethargic. She’s fed a mixture of minced chicken carcasses and Mollies Wolfheart Salmon and Veg.
She quickly becomes fatigued on a walk and sleeps a lot of the day. She has had no health problem, 3 small litters of puppies and normal season past a month ago. The only thing that may have had an impact was a sickness and diarrhea virus but she was given pro-biotics afterwards.
I’m interested to hear of any suggestions of supplements from people who may have similar experience. Thanks

I would suggest speaking to a vet to rule out illness and then speak to Millie’s to see if a different formula may work better, or switch brands.

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I can only echo what David said. I would seek the advice of a vet if she has gone from being active to lethargic.

Hello and welcome to the forum. Your dog’s diet sounds OK. You say that she has no health problems - have you had her examined by your vet? I see she has had three litters - presumably one per year since she came into maturity at two years of age? As she has had a normal season since the last litter I gather that she whelped between three and six months ago? Without doubt pregnancy and nursing pups can take it out of a bitch and it can take six months or longer to fully get back to health and fitness. Have you finished breeding with her now? Based on what you have said, it would be best to retire her and think about having her speyed in three months time. As the other members have said, if you haven’t done so already, pop along to your vet and have her examined. It could be any one of a number of things but something doesn’t sound right and from your description of her diet it doesn’t sound as if it related to that.

This article may also be of interest once you have ruled out medical concerns