We we got our rescue dog with a sore move and 5 teeth left we looked at the wet food and they have done well on it (we put both our greyhounds on it).

However Kojak has been getting a sore muzzle even when it is cube, they vet has suggested we try him on dry food - even on 50% of each the skin on his muzzle has drastically improved already.

We went for the cold pressed as seems to get good reviews but it is also easy for him to get hold of, went for guru as good rating and the gentle is chicken based which has disagreed with him in the past.

He is seeming to find it a little rich, I only ordered a small bag so thought of trying the full on feast which is duck based and grain free - he has been on grain free previously

Just wondering why it is a slightly lower rating?

I believe it’s because it has quite a lot of white potato in the recipe. My dog loved it and did well on it though.

Another grain free, cold pressed, non-chicken based food is Tribal TLC; they do turkey and salmon varieties. It is, however, rather more expensive than Guru.


I think that Petmum is right about the potato but it still scores well and is grain free so might be more suitable for some dogs.

I only use Surf and Turf because the dogs do well on brown rice. Also, one of them seems to be slightly intolerant of white potato so I avoid it.

Why do you think the food is a bit rich? The protein and fat content is not high. Could it be due to the meat content (duck)? Surf and Turf has beef in it. Are you feeding the right quantity? It is extremely easy to overfeed when using cold pressed food. Also, some dogs need a couple of weeks to transition. Telephone the company and they will be able to advise further.