Healthy dental chews?

My vet recommended carrots as a dental chew. She said the common types are high in calories, carrots do just as well and are better for the dog.

Seems to work too.

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Chewroots is something I’ve just discovered. Looks like a gnarled piece of wood, but is made from tree roots. Unlike wood, it doesn’t splinter and just flakes off in small pieces when vigorously chewed. They say it’s 100% natural & it’s ok if the bits are eaten. My dog likes it & I think it’s far preferable to rubber dental toys because of the toxic chemicals in most of them.

YuMOVE moves into dental care with new chews. YuMOVE moves into dental care with new chews | Post
YuMOVE Dental Care Sticks - Healthy Teeth & Gums Treatment For Dogs
Introducing: YuMOVE Dental Care Sticks | YuMOVE

Ingredients don’t seem too bad to me, with the exception of dextrose. Can’t understand why sugar is in a dental chew. No percentage of dextrose given, which would have been useful

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Carrot is a good teether for my dog ​​and he likes it I tried other things but he prefers carrots to other things

Thank you for checking this out Gemma. I didn’t look hard enough for the ingredient list. I was concerned that they recommended cutting down the food by 10% when giving these sticks. From many years of caring for my own dogs I firmly believe that the best way to preserve good dental hygiene is to brush their teeth regularly and avoiding high carbohydrate food.

Well, Dottie, as I’ve found with a lot of iffy dogs’ stuff, the ingredients weren’t easy to find, which always makes me suspicious, I suppose they assume the majority of people will just believe their claims and won’t give a second thought as to what’s in whatever it is they’re selling. I’ve also found that the ingredients in really good products feature very prominently on the web page.

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