Whimzees chews

Hi all, I have a chronic pancreatitis sufferer … I was wondering if the whimzees dental rice chew bones and whimzees stix dog chews would be suitable as they seem low in fat… if not could you please recommend something
I’m in uk
Many thanks

I have a packet of Whimzees given as a free gift but I won’t give these to my dogs in case they choke on them. In my experience regular brushing of teeth using a canine enzymatic toothpaste is the best way of keeping teeth clean. Also feeding fresh food rather than kibble. I also add Ascophyllum Nodosum (seaweed) to their food every day. I buy it from Ani-Forte. They have other dental products on their website.

Dottie, I buy the Aniforte product too. I know it says give daily but a couple of years ago I emailed them with a query re their measuring spoons and they replied “If you give slightly too much of the Seaweed that’s not a problem. However, our vet practitioner says this product should be given only as a booster treatment (4-6 weeks) and not permanently. I’ve flagged this so the product description in the shop can be updated”. (It hasn’t). “The pause between booster treatments should be 4-6 weeks”. I can’t think why there should be a gap but just thought I’d let you know what they said.

As it is the same as Plaque Off I use the little blue spoon that they provide. My two have been having the Ascophyllum Nodosum daily as advised by Plaque Off. I am puzzled by the vet’s advice in view of what it says in the Plaque Off instructions. I do know that it should be used with caution in animals with thyroid problems.

Yes, it does seem strange so I’ll do the same as you and give it daily now - except in the winter when she has BillyNoMates, which also has seaweed (I don’t use this when slugs are about as I very reluctantly switch to Nexguard Spectra in case of lungworm)