Hello from London!

Good afternoon everybody!

My name is Lazhar and, as you can imagine, I have just signed up here! There is an amazing quality of content and the website is beautiful to look at. What a great job from the team.

I also run BreedingBusiness.com, a platform that I started to help dog breeders start and run a responsible breeding business with articles, interviews, debates and other resources. Soon videos :slight_smile:

Hope to speak to you very soon,


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Hello and welcome Lazhar,

I hope you find the forum useful and informative.

Great to have you on board Lazhar! We have a specific section for breeding tips and questions so please make yourself at home and I’ll look forward to reading your posts!

Hello and welcome to the forum. Do you own and breed dogs of your own and if so, what breed are they? I guess that you might have particular preferences dog food wise in view of the nature of your website. Would be interesting to hear more about that.