Thank you for letting me join this amazing site.

I have 2 gorgeous standard poodles, Lilly (5 in Dec) and Alfie (just turned 2). Anyone who knows the breed will understand just how picky they can be when it comes to food.

Lilly is particularly fussy, I have to give her variety otherwise she will go days without eating. To make things even more complicated, she has recently been diagnosed with Addison’s, and one symptom of Addison’s is lack of appetite. I have my work cut out!

About 8 months ago I spotted Royal Canin Poodle food in Pets at Home and thought I’d try it (if only I knew then what I know now). This is the ONLY food Lilly has never lost interest in (except just before her addison’s diagnosis). Unfortunately, it is not suitable for standard poodles only toy and miniatures, which I found out when I contacted Royal Canin concerning the feeding guide. At that point I was already a third through a 15kg bag and RC told me it would not do any harm to finish the bag although they gave me no advice on the quantity to feed; so I guessed based on the information on the bag. Lilly piled on the weight. My vet later told me that smaller dogs require a higher calorie intake, so I understand now.

Anyway to cut a long story short I am now feeding both dogs Platinum’s dry food and I mix in a little wet for variety , and (in Lilly’s case a small amount of Royal Canine -simply because she won’t eat anything without this food) The wet ranges from Platinum wet, Spencer Deli (similar to Applause but cheaper), James Wellbeloved, Caser (Lilly again, I’m sure she things she’s a small dog) to fresh chicken and occasionally liver.

I have joined this site for advice on what other options I have. Now, for all those people who are about to tell me to feed Raw, I have tried but they do not like it. I used to feed raw to my last dog and I have tried various Raw food and they will eat in one day but not the next which has left me throwing no end of raw away.

Thanks once again for the join, I look forward to hearing your stories and advice.

Hi there

Standard poodles are beautiful and graceful :slight_smile:

I have a miniature schnauzer who is also fussy, and the miniature schnauzer is known for its sensitive stomach too.

This is only my opinion but if your dog that has the small amount of royal canin enjoys it and is healthy is it really such a bad thing to change?

Sure if you’re not happy about what they’re eating then rightly you ought to try to change. I’ve been through trying to change food a few times and it’s just too stressful when they don’t eat and unsettling for them and us.

I don’t feed raw as it’s just not practical for me. I feed a mixture of wet and dry. I feed the wet first then top it up with some dry. I think he prefers it separate and that way the more expensive wet hasn’t been spoiled for him not eating it.

You could try a meaty gravy mix into the dry food perhaps? My friends dalmatian would only eat dry food with small cocktail sausages in it :slight_smile:

When it comes down to it you have to be happy with what you’re feeding as well as your dogs. I hope you manage to find a way to feed them what you’d prefer. I’m sure others will give some more tips.

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I have a dog who eats her tablets without a fuss and would most probably polish off a bowl soil if I gave it too her! I can’t imagine a fussy pooch.

Have you had any advice from the vet RE the addison disease and diet? Also is it a common health issue for standard poodles? I only ask because I often meet two standard poodle brothers and one of them has Addisons.

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Her addison’s isn’t acute enough to effect her diet (THANKFULLY! ) The tablets are easy to give … Cheese slices or hotdogs lol

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Hello, thank uou for your replies, apologies for nother coming back sooner.

Hi LS25LEE, Regards the Royal Canin, I was of the same opinion as you, just mix it in with the platinum food as a tempting extra. Then I read on the platinum site that you shouldn’t mix it with other kibble even if introducing for the first time. Something to do with the way it’s made and different digestion rates … arghhhh!

Hi Tinyplanets, yes Addison’s is common in Poodle’s (along with a fussy attitude to food lol) and I have spoken to the vet about diet. Fortunately, her blood levels are very good now she’s on medication so there is no need for a special diet :slight_smile:

I have now made a big change in their food. I’ve started buying the natures diet mince (2kg bag). I cook the mince in the microwave (as per the packet instructions) I boil up some rice, carrots and broccoli, mix it all together and then put meal size portions in tubs ready to feed. I’m in the process of finding dog meal recipes and so far they have licked their bowls clean every morning and night! Their stools are a lot firmer also. It’s working out at a cost of between £1.50-1.75 a meal and it’s not that labour intensive as I’m cooking their veg along with mine and my partners. So far so good ;D

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Thanks for the update. Lucky poodles, their diet sounds very tasty.

Yes, sounds very good. Would just like to suggest that you explore the possibility of adding omega oils 6 and 3. They need to be in the right balance (best to google that). Marine sources are supposed to be best so maybe a salmon oil supplement would be appropriate. Otherwise, oily fish such as sardines, mackerel.

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