Hypoallergenic and grain free dog food and treats!


I’m a specialist retailer of hypoallergenic and grain free dog foods and treats. The ethos of my company is that if I wouldn’t feed it to my dog I won’t sell it to anyone else’s! As a result none of my products even contain rice or oats. They are all high meat content, vegetables, botanical extract and nothing else. They also have to be the best value for money and of the highest quality.

The only dog foods that I stock are Orijen and Canagan but I do stock a wide range of treats and food that can be used for training such as Thrive air dried chicken, duck, freeze dried liver, naturesmenu freeze dried treats and tinned food, Canagan tinned food, venidog air dried venison and much, much more!

If you’re interested, would like some advice or simply want to chat about dogs please contact me.