Is Kibble classed as "processed food" and as with humans may cause cancer?

As processed food in humans has been linked to cancer - sausages/bacon etc. Is kibble “processed” therefore introduces the same risk?

I am very happy with the kibble I feed my dog (Eden catch of the day) she is healthy with a shiny coat and all good in the waste disposal department but unfortunately she has cancer. Has feeding kibble (processed food) possibly had a hand in this?

I am sorry that your dog has developed cancer and hope that she can be treated. Extruded kibble is classed as processed food. I suspect that the link between this type of food and cancer is not proven. You might be interested in these threads about acrylamide:

Thank you for this, but the kibble we are using is fish and vegetables - no grains or any products that are susceptible to Acrylamide. Is the “processing” of fish and cooking to make kibble the problem here?