Is raw food making your dog sick?

Is raw food making your dog sick? is a video from the Facebook page Paws for Change. Dr Karen Becker and Rodney Habib make the case for some dogs requiring pasteurized/sterilized raw food. These are dogs that are already unwell and maybe have a compromised immune system and deficient microbiome. I am not aware of any company in the UK who is selling sterilized raw food. Fresh cooked would be equivalent but AFAIK there are only two companies in the UK who sell this type of food.

The video is quite brief but worth watching because it is sometimes the case that pet owners put their dogs on raw food due to illness, often digestive/skin problems. In these cases it is worth considering a change to fresh cooked food, at least as an intermediary step until the dog begins to recover. Their immune system might not be able to handle the bacteria that can sometimes be found in raw food.


I definitely noticed this with my dog. She was raw fed until about 2 years old and then got very sick with stomach issues. I never managed to get her transitioned back to raw. We’ve tried both the fresh cook and they seem good. Deliveries are my main issue

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