Just wondering.....What protein is in my dog food?

Whenever we see the following words on a label of dog food “Meat and animal derivatives” it surely naturally conjures up the following words "What animal is the meat from?

Aside from a partial disclosure of the meat source, what about the remainder, so is that sourced from…cow? pig? chicken?

There is an interesting “Investigation into the animal species contents of popular wet pet foods” by
Isabella R Maine, Robert Atterbury and Kin-Chow Chang. The link is here:

Perhaps take a peek at Table 2 …?


It’s easy to be confused about the complexity of dog foods and the sheer number of them. If pet owners do nothing else but check for a named meat source at the top of the list then that is going to be good for their pet.


Creepy, but definitely an eye-opener.
The funny thing is that, if on the package it says “with beef” and actually only has traces of it, technically speaking that’s not false advertising: it is actually with beef!
Time spent analysing the ingredients list will always be time well spent, if the health of our pets is at stake.

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