Lily’s dog food

Hi, I have just joined the forum. I live in Spain so I don’t have access to e variety of food recommended. I just bought some Lily’s dog food for 8+ but I am concerned as just read it has made some dogs ill. Can anyone give me more information please.

Hello Christine. Welcome to the forum. As you may know, Lily’s Kitchen was started by Henrietta Morrison and had a decent reputation. It was sold to Nestle Purina last year. Since then there has been complaints about the quality of the products. This led to David starting a thread on his All About Dog Food Facebook page. It received plenty of comments, many from dissatisfied customers. You can view this thread if you wish. IIRC it was approximately six months ago.

The Lily’s Kitchen reviews and nutritional ratings are available on the Dog Food Directory of this website. I have never fed Lily’s Kitchen dog food so I can’t offer any insight other than the comments made above.


Thank you Dottie. If I had known Lily’s Kitchen is now owned by Nestles I would never have bought it. As it is I have spent 25 € on a 2.5 kg bag so not cheap. What worries me was the information that some dogs have been ill from it.
I’m still finding my way around this forum so I will try to find the thread… computer literacy is not one of my skills :slight_smile:
… tried to find page on Facebook but All about Dog Food doesn’t appear when I look for Find People.
So will look for reviews on this site. …
Found Facebook page. Really worrying and sad about Lily’s kitchen. Now I need to find a supplier of good dog food in Spain.

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I am sorry that I can’t help you with your search but I am not familiar with the dog food products that are available in Spain. Perhaps you could use the Dog Food Directory on this website as a starting point then you could do some research about availability in Spain when you have selected suitable products.