List of carrageenan free wet dog foods

Thread started to identify those wet dog foods that are known to be carrageenan free. For clarity, this thread is just a list for quick identification. For discussion, please use this thread.
Thank you.

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Brands that have so far confirmed that their wet foods are carrageenan free:

Almo Nature
Barking Heads
Billy & Margot
Bob & Lush
Edgard & Cooper
Millies Wolfheart
Natures Menu
Soopa Pets
Wellness CORE

List last updated 28/02/2020

Butternut Box does not have thickeners. From their website:

We never add additional water and we don’t add thickeners.
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Do we have an up-to-date list for this, please?

I was rather hoping that members would add to the list but sadly this has not been the case. I can only suggest that pet owners contact the company if they are unsure about whether their products contain carrageenan.

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Re the Dog Food Directory: David has added carrageenan as a red ingredient to some of the wet foods that contain it. I don’t know if it is complete as yet.

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Well spotted Dottie! All foods that are confirmed to contain carrageenan are now labelled as such on the site and are omitted from search results when the ‘avoid all red ingredients’ filter is selected on the directory. Unfortunately, a number of producers are still yet to confirm whether or not their foods contain carrageenan so the list may not be complete. If in any doubt, contact the manufacturer directly and if you spot any missing carrageenan info or any other inaccuracies at all, do let us know.


Laughing dog has confirmed that their wet foods DO contain carrageenan.

I’ve also been regularly updating the list of confirmed carrageenan free foods above so that list can be regarded as up-to-date.


It’s interesting, because although my dog is affected very negatively by carrageenan, my cat appears to be okay with it. BUT, after 14 months of intermittent chronic diarrhoea, and me keeping a detailed ‘food and symptom’ diary for her, I know she is affected by one or more of the other gums / thickening agents / binders / emulsifiers, and I am very close to being able to pinpoint which one.

I’m pestering a company at the moment which is refusing to tell me which thickeners it uses in some foods I listed, due to the company wanting to keep its recipes confidential. I’m so desperate to find out, I even emailed the CEO of the PFMA for help. If and when I find out what they use, I believe I will have the answer to what gives her diarrhoea.

I always think about the very many animals with food intolerances, where people tend to think that it must be chicken or rice allergy, or some other main ingredient. They wouldn’t automatically think it could be something that is not even on the label! And I’ve read hundreds of posts over the last year from people who have taken their poorly pets to the vets for test after test after test, the results of which were always ‘negative’.

Companies should have to declare thickeners on their labels! Why are they hiding these inflammatory ingredients that are NOT insignificant and can cause so much upset, i.e.: carrageenan, locust bean gum, guar gum, cassia gum, xanthan gum, agar agar and carob, which I think may be the same thing as locust bean gum?

Virtually all cat and dog foods contain one or more of the above ingredients. My cat is costing me a fortune in ‘Meowing Heads’ at the moment! It’s one of only two wet cat-foods that I have had it confirmed on two occasions that it contains NO thickeners at all. I will be trying her on the other one, ‘GranataPet’, in the New Year.

For anyone who may be wondering, ‘Barking Heads’ wet dog-food also contains NO thickeners at all.


Just to let everyone know that the Dog Food Directory now includes a carrageenan filter. You’ll find it under the ‘avoid ingredients’ tab and when selected you’ll only see results that are guaranteed carrageenan free by the manufacturer. Hope it helps!


What’s interesting is that my otherwise healthy BC of 4.5 years old has suddenly started doing foul farts! Not all the time, but mostly daily. It began about 6 weeks ago. Nothing seemingly has changed (I do change his wet and dry food mix every 3-4 months or so) and he is bright and drinking, eating, playing, being as cheeky as usual.

I wonder if it’s something to do with one of those ‘hidden’ thickeners.

FWIW, I always go by the AADF rankings for both his dry and wet food choices, accordingly.