Looking at raw!

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Been around this site a while but never actually posted!

Ok so I’ve been looking into switching my dog to a raw diet (staffy/boxer cross). I currently have her on Millies wolfheart dry food… but as with all other foods… she keeps going off it. I find that I switch flavours and she will eat it again for a while… and then we switch again! Also used Lilly’s kitchen, and another brand I can’t remember!

Anyway… questions…
My dog is hyperactive and anxious… currently medicated to calm her down. A raw diet has been suggested as a possibility of helping. Has anyone had experience of this?
Has anyone gone through a similar process of constantly changing dog food flavours and found a raw diet helps?
And lastly - with regards to treats… if I switched her to a raw diet… would all treats need to be raw too… or can I carry on with the stuff I currently have?



Hello and welcome to the forum,

In terms of hyperactivity, this is the subject of much debate and there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer. personally I found that my dog did seem more settled on a raw diet but I am inclined to think it was timing and she was starting to mature and settle in. She was a rescue and a stray and she needed lots of time and patience. The raw diet certainly didn’t increase any anxious behaviours anyway so that is good news. Again, it is hard to say if this will be true for all dogs.

I can’t help with your second query I am afraid, as my dog has yet to leave a single morsel in her dish. I mainly feed nutriment and get a mixer box so there are plenty of varieties. I sometimes just get a box of the low purine and she is happy to eat that until it runs out. Bear in mind, she is also happy to eat socks! Again I think the answer will very much depend on the individual dog.

As for treats, I will give non raw food treats. Some people are quite strict about not doing so. It can be a concern that by mixing different types of food, they may digest at different rates causing problems but since I don’t feed treats and meals together, I don’t worry too much. I also sometimes mix cold pressed food in with the raw but the manufacturers say that it is safe to do so. I do tend to give this for treats as well to be honest.

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Thanks for the reply! Our dog too is a rescue… and has had a couple of major surgeries (she has patella luxation) since we got her… and a possible 3rd Conor up! so I’d imagine that’s a lot to do with her anxiety! Going off her food annoys me more because she will do anything to munch down meaty pieces of cat & chicken sh*t!!

Out of interest what’s a mixer box?

I’ve been looking at Cotswold raw and wolf something (can’t remember the name!!)

A mixer box is just a bulk buy comprising of different varieties. It is frozen as many raw foods are so you do need lots of freezer space. I would also recommend browsing the raw food section on the forum for useful information about the pros and cons of raw feeding.

Wolf (something) is likely to be Wolftucker.

I currently feed this brand but have also fed Nutriment…Both are decent raw brands in my opinion. I often chuck some fresh Kale, some Diatomacious Earth and the odd sardine or omega 3 capsule, occasional egg & maybe some fresh veg leftovers when available. These two companies make raw completes which are fine stand alone products in my opinion…I just like to add bits and bobs when able &/or if I remember.

If you have some kibble left that can be used for treats. Not a major issue if you only give a few a day, however, if you are switching to raw mince for health benefits, some would say it defeats object to also allow kibble n to be consumed.

No hyperactivity here albeit ours get regular off lead walks which can take the edge off. They don’t climb walls on days when shorter walks are only provided.

Wolftucker… yep thats it!

Thanks for the info everyone… I’ll do a bit more research!

By all means do your research, (sensible) , however to add a little more context to my recommendation’s for
Nutriment & Wolftucker brands…

My choices to feed ased on me doing hours of research, viewing their websites, reading reviews, speaking to retail suppliers, owners that feed both , exchanging emails with the two companies concerned and speaking to them both on various occasions. I have also visited Wolftucker HQ.

Hand on heart both companies seem to genuinely care about dogs & the products. Both brands are Defra approved. Many raw suppliers are not. Oh and I have fed both brands for prolonged periods.

Thanks again Coaster.

I liked the feel of the Wolftucker website to be honest! I’m going to have a look into Nutriment later. Defra approval is important… to be honest I didn’t even notice it when I was looking!

Another question for you… there seems to be mixed opinions on transition. Some people seem to say just switch straight away, others say do it over a period. Whats your opinion?

I changed my dog to raw , about 3 months ago ( luna and me,) and it was advised to one day old food the next day new food. My dog copper had a bit of the runs for about 2 days but again I was told this was normal. I hope that your dog gets on well with the new food .
As for treats I give him air dried treats and these go down well… :slight_smile: Alfie and molly’s copper loves them.

One dog here came to us at 6 months old on d.i.y. raw. We actually moved him to wet complete initially but then jumped back to raw complete - no issues.

The Lab was changed from kibble to raw complete transitioned by straight swap…I think introduced on a new feeding day. (We feed twice daily here ).

I suggest that initially you maybe feed a smaller amount for 1st couple of feeds just until dog adjusts to what I regard as a more proper food. I feed around 2% of bodyweight per day. 2% for a 20kg weight dog equates to 400g per day 25kg 500g etc. You will soon get the idea…I tweak feed amounts slightly depending on body condition and exercise amount.

The switch between kibble types in past was far more dramatic.

Maybe start with adult chicken…not too rich and generally recognised as an agreeable protein source.

Expect a lot less mess picking up. Without going into too much detail I am a bit happier with output when feeding wolftucker, (formed but not too dry or powdery… powdery output allegedly associated with raw that has excess bone content for the individual dog). Apologies for the graphic description but stool output condition is recognised
as a good indicator of suitability & a fair indicator of dietary health.

One additional comment…Re hyperactivity : I adore boxers, (aware yours is a cross), but do find them somewhat full of energy in early years. Without wishing to be condescending… I would not expect a food change to turn a lively dog into a docile one. Sure you may see subtle positive changes once the dog has adjusted to raw complete but don’t be disappointed if difference is not same as between night & day. As you no doubt know, regular exercise &/or training can often take off the edge of a dog that is a little too lively. Very mindful you have to be careful due to the luxating patella history…No doubt a challenge to strike a balance.

Thanks for the reply & please continue to keep us updated.