My new favourite dog bed shop!

After trawling the internet for hours I came across this company - www.

I loved their Eco Box Bed, and bought one immediately! They have a huge selection of doggy related paraphenalia too - I’m thinking about getting one of their self cooling mats for the summer… and possibly one of their anti-gorge bowls as well.

Have a look guys and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Very nice. When they stretch out our dogs seem to spill out of traditional dog beds so we have gone over to large cushion ones. They like them because they are soft and they can stretch out. Also, they are easier to keep clean. Fabric beds such as these are sometimes not easy to launder.

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I have gone for a big cushion too. Firstly as Dottie says, she can spread out and secondly it is harder for her to drag it around ::slight_smile: She does tend to abuse her beds,

My dog now has a wooden frame so that her cushion is raised off the floor but that was made for her by my OH.

It so cute!
Where to buy it?

I visited the link you mentioned in your post. The bed is good, but the price of the bed is quite expensive. I recently bought a bed for my dog from My Pillow Coupons. They have a wide range of quality bed for pets at discounted price.

The link is from the USA so not really helpful for UK pet owners.


Furry Tail Store provides a calming bed for dogs and cats to relieve their anxiety. We also supply toys that are excellent mental stimulators.

Check this out -