Newbie to the forum - and to dogs!

Hi everyone,

I’m new here, and have a 15 week golden retriever puppy called Rosie. She’s my first dog, and my husband reluctantly agreed to have one after months of relentless pressure by myself and my four children, However, now that she is here, she is slowly worming her way into his affections! It is a massive learning curve for me - she’s very bright and even the trainer said at puppy training last night that “she’s not an easy dog”, so all of my careful choosing of an “easy for first time owners” breed hasn’t quite gone to plan.

Am now off to post a question in the feeding section - have a question about what to feed her to stop her being quite so bonkers…


no breed is easy, especially for first time owners, but Rosie is an intelligent breed and a good trainer will teach you the best way to teach your dog correct manners, I read your otehr post and I would suggest you check out other trainers in your area too and see what their opinions are. at 15 weeks old they are all about play, and full of energy, they do calm down as they grow but it will take time

Hello and welcome to the forum. I have replied to your other thread about Rosie’s diet. It will be very hard work for some time to come but you sound very sensible in that you are looking to feed her a good diet and have started to train her to be a good, obedient dog. All I can say is to try and relax, let her be a puppy and don’t get too hung up when she isn’t behaving how you want. You need to consider setting her up to achieve rather than fail. Think about that and she won’t get into too much mischief (hopefully). LOL

Hello and welcome to the forum
My first and so far only dog was a bit of a baptism of fire. She is a bonkers ex dogs trust girl. You will get there and if your hubby is like mine, Rosie will have him wrapped around her paws in no time. Mine also took lots of persuading!

Dottie is spot on about relaxing. I have been embarrassed on a regular basis but I have grown a thick skin and I have had so much fun in my life now.