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Im currently feeding Eden Holistic Kibble which my two have always loved but after all the cooked meats they ate at xmas they are turning their nose up at their kibble :confused: I have been looking today at Nutriment and it sounds good but just wondering how far it goes I currently buy them a 5kg bag which lasts them two months does raw go as far a kibble or do you feed more raw than kibble?? Also is it grain free as i saw wheat in the ingredients on one i was looking at?? Aldo would I need to gradually mix it into their Eden?? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the forum. Usually people feed raw only and don’t mix with kibble but that is not to say that you cannot do it if you want to. The problem is that the dogs may turn their nose up at kibble once they have had raw.

Unless you have a local supplier then you will need to have the Nutriment delivered so you will need freezer space. Roughly 10 x 500g cartons fit into one freezer drawer. For larger dogs they sell the chubs which are bigger.

You don’t say what the breed of your dogs is or their size but with the quantity of Eden you are using I would guess that they are small. You will need to weigh them because the starting point is usually 2% of the body weight. For example a 10kg dog will need 200g per day, divided into two meals. The dogs might need more than the 2% - it depends on their activity level and metabolism. It would be a bit tricky getting the quantities right if you mix raw with kibble.

Nutiment is grain free. We have a thread on this food here.

Oh im not wanting to feed them both but wondered is it the same as when you introduce a new kibble ive usually gradually mixed it in until there eventually fully on the new one? They are Pomeranians ones 1.8kg very lean and active and the other ones 2.6kg a little over weight and not active at all. Thanks :slight_smile:

The usual advice is to stop kibble and then start raw i.e. no transition. The problem that you might have with your Poms is that you might not use up the 500g within the specified time - not sure but I think it is something like 48hours from thawing but could wrong. It’s difficult to chop up in the frozen state. You might be better off looking at Natures Menu Country Hunter nuggets because you just take out sufficient cubes for the day.

Oh really never really thought of that I have a local shop that sells it and also sells natures menu soillgo have a look at the weekend. I just thought from looking on here the Nutriment sounded better? I also saw the chicken natures menu contained rice? Which i dont want to feed :confused:

My dog is about 6.5 kg and a 500g tub of nutriment lasts her 3 days. I give her approx 165gs per day in two meals. I spoke to their reps on a stand at the national pet show who said that it should be fine for 3 days. I think this is a little over the recommended but she is quite active.

I have heard quite a few people say, that their dogs are fussy about raw when they are used to cooked. My dog will eat anything but she is enthusiastic about her nutriment.

The Country Hunter nuggets do not contain rice. You need to have a good look at their range as there are so many. Some have rice, some don’t. I think that 3 days from thawing would be the maximum so work out how long Nutriment will last for your Poms.

NM nuggets are lower in fat than Nutriment and they are very convenient to feed. In the evening I used to take out of the freezer what I needed for the next day and keep it in a covered container at the bottom of the refrigerator. There are different types so they can have a change.

Nutriment are bringing out 6 new varieties in their ‘Dinner for Dogs’ range later this month, and all will be sold in smaller 200g trays. ;D

They say this range is ideal for small dogs. It is lower meat content than the original Working Dog Nutriment, at 75%, but that is still higher than any of the Natures Menu foods. It also lacks the ‘superfood’ ingredients, which some approve of but others don’t.

You can see the range here:

I’ll copy this post to the Nutriment thread, so it can be found for future reference.

Ok thanks everyone I think Ill give them a try on the Natures Menu cubes just because its going to be easier to manage freezer wise.

Yes, the freezer situation is one of the reasons why I stopped feeding Nutriment. Natures Menu Country Hunter nuggets are in packs of 1kg. It is also more widely available than Nutriment so you might not need to have a large quantity all at once. Please let us know how you get on.

How many nuggets a day would you say I would feed each dog? one @ 1.8kg always active and one a little over weight @ 2.6kg and he doesn’t do a lot at all lol thank you :slight_smile:

Here are the guidelines:
How to feed raw
Adult dog feeding guide

There is also a helpline number on the website so maybe giving them a call would be useful.

Thanks Dottie :slight_smile:

I use some Natural Instinct minces (one of mine gets is fed just raw and the other two get kibble and raw together). I defrost the 1 kg tub, take out what I need for 2 days then re freeze it. There is no need to be as careful about not re freezing once defrosted for dogs.

@Lexie-Jade - because the food is so different it might be a good idea to keep an eye on their weight just for a few weeks. That way you will know exactly how much they need. I always start any new food right at the bottom of the scale and more often than not even lower because mine have a problem with keeping weight off. When I started Nutriment I began at 2% of the weight of the dog at that time but I now wonder if I should have started at the weight that I wanted her at. There was only 20g difference but ever bit counts when they have a tendency to put weight on. Just keep an eye on them and you will soon know if they are getting enough or too much.

Just to let you know I went with Nutriment as I preferred the ingredients and they both Love it and are thriving on it really pleased I made the change :slight_smile:

with regard to my dogs being small and the tubs being 500g I have been part thawing the tubs then I portion it up for each day and put it back in the freezer and just take out day by day what I need :slight_smile:

Thank you for getting back to us. It’s good that your dogs are enjoying their new diet.