Old dog with stiffness and joint issues

Hi, my old girl, a working Cocker spaniel is 12 years old, fit and healthy but has joint pain especially after exercise. I’m looking for recommendations for a dry food that contains the highest levels of chondroitin and glucosamine.
I’ve tried

Hello and welcome to the forum. I think you would be better off looking for a food without supplements. My feeling is that in cases of obvious arthritis and stiffness it is preferable to give supplements at the therapeutic dose. If added to food, the dog might not get a sufficient amount. However, speak to your vet about it. I’ve heard that Nutraquin+ is helpful but is only available from veterinary practices.

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We feed our dog Acana senior and supplement it with Yumove. Its fair to say it has transformed our dog from being stiff and reluctant to walk far to bounding along. Would highly recommend.

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I would say speak to your vet first, as he can advise on treatment options specifically for your pet. Nevertheless, here’s a blog that I found on arthritis and treatment options from an online pharmacy called Vetscriptions.

Good advice. That’s exactly what I did and she (the vet) recommended Yumove!

My dog has a grade one luxating patella which doesn’t really affect him day to day with walking providing I don’t let him run around like a loon too much (he’s a spaniel so not always that easy). But he does get grumpy with other dogs, especially puppies who I think are just too much for him when he’s feeling sore. I’ve just started him on Kater4K9 joint supplements and there has been a marked improvement in his tolerance levels with other dogs. He now wants to play much more and doesn’t get snappy when young pups get too much for him. I’m putting it down to the supplement making him feel better. It also works out cheaper than Yumove once the treatment dose has been given. They are on Facebook and website is www.kater4k9.co.uk

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