Overweight Dog

Hi there and thank you for letting join. We have a Bleu du Picardie - English setter crossed with Picardie Blue - and he is enormous. We got him from Spain at 8 months and he just grew and grew. He is very laid back although does love a run around and play. However, we have serious weight problems with him. We have never over-fed him although he is thief typcial setter). He was on a special diet (Verbac) with our Vet but it really did nothing. I was so scared last time I went - he was 34 kilos. He is on 90 gr of biscuit twice a day with about 2-3 cubes (literally) of tinned dog food. The other two eat far more. He still doesn’t seem to lose weight and we are really concerned for him. Any advice gratefully accepted. Have a good weekend

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Hello and a huge welcome!

It seems in my lifetime of dogs, there are some who can gain weight by the smallest morsel and others who can eat and eat and the weight stays off! Such is the variety of our dogs.

If your dog is running around and playing without tiring easily then it sounds to me like he has plenty of energy (and is having fun!) and is enjoying his life with you.

To help him to lose weight then if you look for the biscuit and the tinned food he currently has in The Dog Food Directory here:

then you will see the details of the amounts of proteins, fat, fibre, ash, carbohydrates in his current food (in the 6 circles) under the heading “Dry weight nutrients”.

You might then want to search for food (biscuit and meat) in The Dog Food Directory which has slightly less fat than his current food to help reduce his weight.
Should you want to help him feel fuller for longer you might consider food with slightly more fibre.

Another suggestion may be to feed him his same daily amount of food spread over 4 meals a day. That too should help him to feel satiated and less feeling like he ‘needs’ his in-between-meal ‘extras’.

One of mine no matter what I tweaked in his diet was an inbetweenymeals hound and I turned one of his meals into a game of “go find it” (kibble scattering and hidden) and that was great fun for him and kept him busy wagging & searching and feeling very pleased with himself!!

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I rescued a Brittany Spaniel from Spain and when I first got him he was a little overweight.
Unfortunately with the excitement of having my first dog and thinking giving food would mean getting love, he put on a lot of weight.
We was informed about feeding him steamed green beans and white cabbage.
He now has this as his dinner. I prep around a weeks worth of dinners and freeze them. Fine beans, runner beans and white cabbage, all steamed and mushed together. With supplements. And then when it comes to dinner he has a pot and a few tiny chunk of meat from a tin (still trialing the best tin)
He has been on this dinner diet with kibble for breakfast for around 6 weeks now and has lost 1.4 kilos.
Hes a lot more active and his stools are so much better. They weren’t to begin with in this diet (they smelt horrific) but honestly this change for him has been amazing.
And he loves it.